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Following her, he’s curious, fascinated by the runes and etched marks. “You know, you can add a bit of Enochian warding to the door frame to take it from impenetrable to hermetically sealed.” Gently touching the door, he hums thoughtfully at the differing magicks that pour out of the marks. “This is lovely, really. You’re very, very talented.” He beams at her, delighted to have such a strong, intelligent human. 

The young woman turned her head to meet the Angel’s gaze for a moment or so before refocusing on the door. Enochian wasn’t something she was versed in, so she’d never attempted to add it to her wards.  If it did what he said, it might be worth looking into, however. “Yeah? I’ll have to do a bit of research….” she trailed off, wondering just how complicated it with be to add the suggested warding.

He spoke again, his voice breaking her out of her mind space. Wynter blushed at his compliment, offering him a shy smile. “Thank you…” she breathed, nervously tugging at the hem of her sleeve. She’d never really been complimented on her magic before. Granted, she didn’t go around whipping it out every fives minutes, so a lot of people didn’t realize she was ‘gifted’ in that sense, but still….It was kind of nice to hear that. Maybe she should tell him about the rest of it…Or wait, waiting was good too. People didn’t tend to react well when she told them about the whole necromancer thing, and while he might be an Angel, she didn’t want to risk it.

"So…dinner." she said finally, clearing her throat. "Ideas? I could order something in, make something…" she listed, curious as to what he was hungry for.


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Not the normal sort of Pet || Divinethief


"I want to help," he declares, bouncing up off the bed and standing next to her. "What do you usually do to close up? Do you want me to start dinner, maybe? I promise, I’m a fantastic cook." His natural excitement is showing, now that’s he’s comfortable and aware that it’s just him and his human. She’s practically perfect and he’s hard pressed to stop himself from admitting that he’s quickly growing fond of her.

Oh…Okay, then. “Alright.” she replied. “Um…I usually lock the place up, make sure the back room is secure, take care of the till…” she listed. It was strange having to explain her procedure as it was instinctual to her, she just did it without thinking about it. “Come on, all show you. We can worry about dinner after that.” she added, thinking that was the most reasonable compromise to the situation.

Wynter led him back downstairs and went through all of the closing steps with him, not really having to explain anything. Actions spoke louder than words really. She had to admit, he was more than attentive. If he wanted to help out around the place, she could probably show him the ropes when the shop was open, teach him all there was to know about running the place….Huh, she’d never actually had an employee before…

When the front of the shop and the till were taken care of, Wyn moved to the back room. She locked the door, naturally, but given the nature of the items within, she had to take extra precautions. The young woman closed her eyes and pressed her hand to the door, willing magic into the wood via a soft chant. Runes and various other arcane marks that had been etched into the door began to glow, charged with the energy Wynter had poured forth.

By the time she’d finished, there was enough mojo protecting that room to keep out an army of things that went bump in the night. “B-Best to leave that for me to do.” she murmured breathlessly, sparing him a glance. “At least for now.” 

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"Can I just lay my head in your lap and have you play with my hair?"

The young woman blinked. “Um….sure, I guess?” 

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Not the normal sort of Pet || Divinethief


The angel waves his hand nonchalantly, expanding the bed to a queen size, including the sheets and blanket in his showy display of his magical prowess. “There we go,” he says, delighted. Hopping onto the foot of the bed, he hums thoughtfully, curling up in a ball and manifesting his wings in a rustle of mahogany-cream-rust feathers.

"See? I’ll fit much better now!" Delighted, he grins at his human.

Okay, so that was pretty impressive. She wouldn’t have just been able to snap her fingers and magic her bed into a queen. But then again, she wasn’t an Angel and apparently being an Angel came with certain perks…like bed enlargement…

The young woman watched in awe as his massive wings appeared and unfurled, the feathered appendages wrapping around the curled Angel like a security blanket. Was it awful that she just wanted to reach out and touch them? He probably wouldn’t appreciate random stroking, so best to keep her hands to herself.

"So you do." she commented, nodding. Truth be told, the young woman was taking all of this pretty well, considering her entire life had been flipped on its head in the span of an hour. Maybe it just hadn’t fully sank in yet, maybe she was in denial, hell, maybe this was all just a dream and she hadn’t woken up yet…

"Right, um….I’m going to go close up down stairs and then get dinner going. Feel free to do…. whatever." she said finally, running a hand through her hair absently. "There’s a shelf of dvd’s next to the tv and I’m pretty sure the cable bill is paid up for this month, so feel free. And of course there are books." 

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❝ To roleplay or not to roleplay, that is the question. ❞

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A few photo stills from his video excepting the award given to him at the Hauding film awards. This is him onset in London filming Avengers 2 Age of Ultron.

He’s wearing him hawkeye costume 😊😘

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"A full is better than a twin, but with your permission, I’d like to expand it." He wanders into her room, looking around in quiet approval. "It smells like you in here, I like that," he murmurs. The blond approves completely. There’s no trace of another male in the room, something he’s grateful for. Generally speaking, human males don’t approve of male pets sharing their woman’s bed, but it looks as though Balthazar may actually be allowed cuddles. He sighs contentedly at the thought.

Well, at least she’d cleaned the place the day before, so she knew he wouldn’t be wandering into any sort of laundry-scattered-about war zone. Her room wasn’t huge, but it was certainly comfortable. Her full bed was nestled against the wall off to the right, a little table with a lamp, a pile of books and an alarm clock on the side closest to the windows. She had a dresser as well, the top of which was littered with scented candles, a small box where she kept jewelry, a few more books and various odds and ends. On either side of the dresser were matching shelves, more books and knickknacks arranged with care. It was cozy, really, her retreat away from the world. Well…not really so much any more now that she had a ‘guest’, but whatever.

Extend? She blinked, but nodded, shrugging. “Um, yeah, go for it.” she replied. Truth be told, she’d been thinking about upgrading to a larger bed, it just hadn’t been in the budget as of late.

The young woman flushed a bit as he commented on how her room smelled, unsure of how exactly to take that. Seemed like a good thing, so she wasn’t going to panic. 

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Who knew

         your вløøđsтαίиєđ hands

                                                         could [ touch ] me

                                                                               so  g e n t l y ?

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"Because I want to know how big your bed is so I know if we need to put an expansion spell on it or not," he says matter of factly, calmly going to the last door on the left. "Pets sleep at the foot of the bed, unless you’d prefer I didn’t?" He glances back at her, asking curiously, "Do you not want me to? I would prefer it, myself, but your preferences are important as well."

The young woman’s normally pale complexion erupted in a brilliant crimson when he explained why he needed to know where her bedroom was. Wait….wait, back the hell up for a second…Pets…pets sleep at the foot of the bed? Okay, sure, she’d accept that cats and dogs would do that, but an Angel? Shit, she’d been planning on offering him the sofa until she could get the guest room situation worked up, but it seemed that was off the table.

"O-Oh…um. no, that’s….that’s fine." she muttered before she could stop herself, the ravenette awkwardly tugging at a lock of her hair. Jesus Christ, what had she gotten herself into here? "It’s…it’s um…just a full." she added, pushing herself off of the counter so she could follow him. What? It was usually just her in that bed, so the full size was usually plenty of room…But now she had a tall ass Angel to accommodate and there was no way in hell her bed was going to cut it.

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He looks at the kitchen happily, sighing in relief. “I was worried you wouldn’t have a kitchen big enough to cook properly in. I’m trained in the culinary arts and baking, and enjoy it very much.”

Amused, he wanders towards the bedrooms. “Which bedroom is yours?”

"The kitchen was a major selling point for this place, let me tell you." she commented, leaning against the counter top. "The original appliances left something to be desired, but that was an easy fix." she went on, fondly patting the door of her oven.

"Really? That’s amazing!" she breathed, a bright smile taking over her features. The Culinary arts had always been fascinating to Wynter and if she hadn’t ended up with the shop, she likely would have gone into something food related. Probably open a little bistro or the like, somewhere she could be in control, her own boss, because let’s face it, being your own boss was awesome.

His next question took her a little off guard. “O-Oh. um…last door on the left. Why?” she asked, brow quirking.

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"Shops like this, the books protect themselves, a friend of mine used to say. He swore older books gathered dust about themselves deliberately, just to have an extra layer between idiots and those clever enough to see the worth of the knowledge within." He chuckles quietly, remembering the swearing that had accompanied that little gem.

"My goodness, this is quite the store room… Hmmm…" He looks around, delighted by the quality of the things he sees. She’s the real deal and he feels a sudden surge of pride. This is HIS human and she’s clever. He likes it. "May I see the kitchen? I enjoy baking and cooking very much."

"Heh…I really like that theory." she admitted, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. Hey, it made sense. Where else would all of that dust have come from? The books were obviously making it. 

A there was a momentary flicker of pride that crossed her features as he praised her collection. “Yeah….this is about four or five years of constant collecting.” she explained, leaning against the door jamb. 

She blinked and nodded, gesturing to the little spiral staircase that sat on the other side of the door. “Yeah, of course. Follow me.” she replied, hitting the light switch before heading for the stairs.

As she’d already explained what was on the second floor, they didn’t dwell there, continuing right up to a little door at the top of the stairs. “Come on in.” she invited, leading him down a little hall to the rather large kitchen. “No real explanation required. Kitchen’s here, living room is right there, the bedrooms, bathroom and my office are down that hall.” she commented, pointing to the areas she’d described.

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 ”—- Careful with that,
               you’ll end up hurting yourself.”

"Oh come on, it’s just a paintball gun. Besides, as long as that end is pointed at you, pretty sure you’re going to be the only one in pain…Just saying."

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"If you're stayin' to watch you better shut your mouth, Toots." -Dagger!Dick

"Sorry, I’m not interested in little pricks." the young woman replied, managing to keep a straight face as she shrugged. "And excuse you, don’t call me toots."