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Imagine your OTP spooning, with person A as the big spoon and B as the little spoon. They are both almost asleep, but to be cheeky B rocks their hips back into A’s groin. A responds, and it soon escalates into them having sleepy, slow sex in the spooning position. 

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Undercover Prince || AU || wynterdavenport


“I’m sorry,” he squeaked, whirling around, blushing brightly.  Oh, my god.  Oh, my god!  “I’m so sorry, ma’am!”

Shit, shit, bugger, fuck.  Tits.  Hearing the door open a second time, he hesitantly peeked over his shoulder, then sighed in relief when she was dressed.  Mostly.  “Oh, god, this is awkward, I’m so ashamed.  You just…dropped your notebook, and I wanted to return it.  Oh, god.”

Well, that explained how he’d found her. Of course, why he couldn’t have just left it with the attendant, or hell, handed it to the professor was utterly beyond her.  He thought this was awkward? That was cute. Especially considering he hadn’t been the one in the towel. If this was awkward for anyone, it was her.

"Thanks." she said quickly, taking the book back from him. Honestly, she just wanted to close the door on him once more and forget this ever happened. "Um….yeah, thanks." she added before going to close the door once more…

Undercover Prince || AU || wynterdavenport


Adam didn’t get the chance to stop her as she dashed off, but saw the notebook slip and fall.  Grabbed it up before it could get trampled, and flipped it open.  Wynter Davenport.  And she had included her dorm room number, awesome.

He had to get to class, but afterwards, he snuck into the dorm and knocked on her door.  This probably wasn’t going to go well, but he really wasn’t a creep.

Due to the fact her second class had ended early, Wynter was able to get back to her dorm for a shower and a change of clothes before her shift at the library. She’d just gotten out of said shower when she heard a knock at her door, the young woman stopping in her tracks. Who on earth could that be? 

Wynter opened the door, still wrapped in her towel. The moment she did, she froze, the young woman turning beet red. This was the women’s dorms…why the fuck was he here? And the better question was, how had he found her? Wynter closed the door quickly, going to find a robe. Shit….shitshitshit….Why was he here?!

With a robe on, Wyn answered the door once more, staring at him. “C-Can I help you?” she asked, trying not to seem freaked out….even if she was…

There’s a Kitten in the Garden || Adam+Wynter+Mina



“Technicalities,” he laughed, just to rile Wynter up.  She was so adorable when she was all flushed and hitting his arm.

“Slides and toys and all sorts of fun things,” Adam said.   “I’ll go down with you, so you’re not scared.”  He cupped her face, smiling at the wonder in her eyes.

She flushed softly and nodded. “O-Okay. That sounds…fun.” 

When had she ever had fun? She couldn’t recall a time that it had ever happened. She mostly kept to herself, hiding where she could to avoid other people. But Adam and Wynter….they seemed to want her to be happy. Which was comforting…and scary. Because what would happen if and when they decided they didn’t want her anymore? 

"Technicalities, huh? I don’t think so." she huffed, poking Adam’s side. Of course they wanted her happy. Mina had answered several prayers with her presence, that much was certain. 

"I think we might have grabbed a swimsuit for you on our shopping trip." Wyn mused. They’d grabbed so much, there had to be one in there somewhere.

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Not the normal sort of Pet || Divinethief


"I slept perfectly well, thank you," he manages between hidden giggles. They soon spill over into full blown chuckles. "Did you forget you have an angel now?" He tilts his head in amusement, a fond light in his eyes. 

Oh lovely, he was laughing. Because that made her feel so much better about the whole falling off of the bed thing. Fannnntastic. The young woman flushed deeply, her embarrassment levels only rising. “Maybe. A little….Shut it.” she muttered, a pale hand running through her hair. “Gunna make tea. What do you take in yours?” she asked, shifting a bit.

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Warning! Starters consist of; angst, mentioning of torture, and other things like this.

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send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • makes the bed in the mornings
  • has sole posession of the T.V. remote
  • stays up until 2am reading
  • is the bigger cuddler
  • does the laundry
  • mows the lawn
  • is better at budgeting

Just one of those nights… {Open}

Why did it have to be raining? It had been bloody beautiful all day, but the second she started pulling furniture and such out of the shop to air it all out, it started to rain. Someone upstairs was obviously plotting against her. The young woman sighed softly as she ran about the back lot behind the shop, trying to pull it all back in before it got too soggy.

Thank goodness she hadn’t pulled everything out, otherwise she might have been in trouble. After an hour and a half, she had replaced all the fixtures and dried them off. If only she had the time to do the same for herself. About half way through the slight drizzle had turned into a down-pour, soaking the young woman through and through. 

By the time she had settled back in the shop, Wynter was a shivering mess of wet clothing. Oh man did a cup of tea and a pair of warm pajamas sound good right about now. She crossed her arms over her chest, rubbing her arms as she went for the front door of the shop to lock up for the night…

Huh…Was it her imagination, or was there someone moving around out there? Wyn opened the door a bit, sticking her head out. “Hello?” she called. Why anyone would be out in this sort of weather, she had no idea…

Not the normal sort of Pet || Divinethief


Balthazar, pleasantly sleeping, is hit by a small foot. He growls softly, sitting up and blinking pale blue eyes sleepily open, just in time to see his human take a header over the edge of the bed. 

He fights down a laugh, instead rolling over to offer her a hand. “Morning, dear. Sleep well?”

It’d taken her a moment or so to remember the goings on of the day before, confusion and exhaustion written across her features, but eventually her mind caught up with her, filling her in. Right. Balthazar. Got it. Why couldn’t you have remembered this sooner, brain? Could have saved her a trip over the edge of the bed….

Wynter reached out and took his hand, offering the Angel an awkward, embarrassed smile. “Um…yeah, for the most part.” she mumbled. “You?” she asked, brushing herself off once she was back up on her own two feet.

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Not the normal sort of Pet || Divinethief


He carefully settles her on the bed, tugging the blankets up around her small form. Taking the second blanket he’s found in the cabinet, the angel curls himself at the foot of her bed with a quiet yawn, pleased to be close enough that all she has to do is speak and he can hear her. This human of his, she’s fascinating, and he actually likes the idea of serving her. The next day will likely be an interesting one.

Interesting was an understatement.

It was just a little after six when Wynter began to stir, the young woman rolling onto her side to check her clock. Pale eyes fluttered open, vision still blurry and heavy with sleep. Mm, plenty of time to get a shower and make a decent breakfast before opening up the shop for the day, that was a first. Most of the time it ended up being a trade off, either a large breakfast and shower once the store was closer, or a slice of toast, cup of tea and a nice shower, but both? Unheard of.

Wynter yawned and shuffled to the edge of the bed, but paused when her foot hit something solid. She sat up a bit, brushing her hair from her eyes so she could see what she’d hit. The moment she saw him, Wynter freaked, a startled yelp escaping her lips as she ‘gracefully’ fell over the side of her bed, arms flailing.

What?! She’d forgotten all about her ‘purchase’ the day before. Fuck! She’d thought it’d all just been a dream! But no, goddamn it, no, there was a fucking guy in her fucking bed!

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Seeing an open and going to answer


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"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."



Knox turned and smiled. He noticed the envelope in her hands. “Oh how clumsy of me. These are the final plans and financials for our fundraiser. Thank you so much.” he replied.

"The refrigerator started making this strange noise just because she was standing near it. But yes, that did happen. More of a smoke and spark event than an explosion though." he laughed. Living with her… it had taught him somethings.

He nodded. “Its no trouble, really. Kat is a great person,a sponsor to the shelter too.” Tapping on the glass, he waved. The woman looked up and waved back, approaching the two and opening the door. “Knox! Hi.What brings you around here?”
"Oh you know, out and about. Still looking for a tenant?"
"Yea, about to start showings in a couple days."
"Well, my new friend, Wynter, here, is looking for a space and I thought of you." he said motioning towards his lovely companion.
The woman’s eyes brightened. “Knox, you are an angel.” she laughed. “Just give me your information and we can set up a meeting.” she said with a smile. “How about it Miss Wynter….?”

"That’s mildly terrifying. Remind me to keep her away from my kitchen. I can’t afford to replace anything in there." she chuckled, shaking her head. 

Wynter nodded as he spoke, her smile unwavering as Knox got the other woman’s attention. There was a brief exchange between the two before she was asked for her information. “But of course. And Davenport, Wynter Davenport, it’s a pleasure.” she replied, her smile only brightening.

The young woman provided Kat with all of the information she’d requested, trying to keep her excitement levels under control. It was just…Wow, she might actually get a space up here, might actually be able to expand her business. It was kind of a big deal, really.

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❝ You have a place in my heart no one else ever could have. ❞

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Ice Palace (via ohfairies)

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