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         ”I’m dying.” 

"Ye heard me jus’ fine t’e first time." Murphy looked over to Wynter. The look on her face was clear enough indication of that as it was. It was one that he had gotten before, from the same statement uttered to others. Like they didn’t believe it. Maybe it was hard to think about for them — it was hard to come to terms with for him, too.

"Don’ make me say it again."

A painful lump in her throat formed, the young woman finding it almost impossible to swallow. She just felt…well, she felt numb for lack of a better word. Though they’d only known each other for a short while, she still counted Murphy as a friend, a member of her rag-tag family…She couldn’t lose him, she simply couldn’t.

The young woman turned completely, closing the gap between them. “I won’t let it happen.” she stated simply, trying to remain as calm as possible. Of course she realized how foolish she sounded, how her words would seem delusional, but it was only the truth. She had her abilities, her gift…surely if she was able to revive the dead, she could fight it off as well.

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"What sort of noise was that?”



"Ye’ve ne’er heard t’e bagpipes before?"

"Of course I’ve heard the bagpipes before. However, that was not the sound bagpipes make. That was the sound of something dying a horrible, painful death.” she huffed, arms crossing over her chest. Murphy was never allowed to pick the music for their car rides ever again….Ever.

It’s sorta like The Sixth Sense but with less Bruce Willis || Sortalike7eleven


Murphy wasn’t entirely certain how this would work, exactly. The thought of seeing those that had passed on, and Wynter being able to bring them into his vision for a time, it was all overwhelming in it’s idea. Still, as she settled back in her chair, her eyes closing, the Irishman couldn’t help but sit up a little in his own chair, curious. He didn’t want to get his hopes up too high, just in case whatever this was, didn’t work.

There was a strange shift in the room. Something off in the air that Murphy couldn’t quite place, but out of his peripheral vision, he saw it. At first it didn’t seem like much of anything. A haze in the room, that was no clear form or anything. Slowly though, Murphy could make out the faces of those that had been talking through Wynter.

Greenly was the first to break the silence, and Murphy couldn’t believe that he was actually hearing his friend again. His eyes glanced to Rocco, the pair of them exchanging a small nod, before he looked over to the familiar white curl of his Da. Sucking in a breath, Murphy’s eyes instantly burned with the tears again. He hadn’t thought that seeing him again would be this painful. Even saying goodbye the first time, had been a tear in his soul. While Noah hadn’t been in his boys’ life that long, they all connected quickly. Something that Murphy had craved his whole life, wanting to know his Da.

Suddenly, all the the things that Murphy could’ve said to any of them dried up in his mouth. There was so much he had wanted to say, but it all failed to come to him, as his blue eyes simply memorized their faces again.

She would have explained it to him if she thought she could do it in a way that would make any sort of sense, or if she could find a way to do it without making her sound like some sort of practitioner of the dark arts…Or crazy, but she was fairly certain they were past the whole crazy thing.

"Ghost got yer tongue?" Rocco asked, a hint of a laugh in his voice. Greenly didn’t find it amusing, judging by the way he rolled his eyes. 

"Yeah, that was real fuckin’ original. You sure you were really called the funny man? Lame joke man is more your speed." he commented, trying to pass it off like he wasn’t cracking stupid-ass jokes all the time as well.

"Would both o’ye shut it? Can’a ye’ see ‘m tyin’ to talk t’my son?" Noah asked? About ready to knock both of their annoying skulls together? 

"Try t-to make it fast." Wynter murmured, starting to run out of juice. Keeping the three of them powered up was starting to take a toll on the girl, Wynter struggling to keep up her focus and her consciousness for that matter.

"Y’ve been doin’ well, son." Noah told Murphy, the faintest hint of a smile tugging at his lips. "So proud of y’an yer brother."

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"What sort of noise was that?”


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         ”I’m dying.” 

The girl stopped dead in her tracks as the words left the Irishman’s lips. Slowly she looked over her shoulder, pale eyes focusing on Murphy. “Say that again?” she murmured, praying he’d misspoke or something.

He couldn’t be dying, not Murphy. He had so much life left in him, such fire and spirit. No, she refused to believe that he, of all people, would be dying. 

Are you the Mad one or am I? || conflictingxrealities


    The idea of someone looking around a magic shop — checking out similar books that he was —- concerned the Hatter, though he said nothing of it of course, because how else could he simply jump into the life of someone else and tear it upside down? Of course, he had done something similar to that once before - though this was entirely different.. This young woman was not from his world and even he —- the so called Mad Hatter knew that would not benefit anyone. 

   Her description however screamed Regina — a thought that made the Hatter internally shudder. Whatever tricks the woman had up her sleeve was off putting, especially knowing that everyone would be effected once again {though that was hardly the issue he cared about}. He nodded slightly, regardless not pushing the matter any longer.
            “You can call me Jefferson.”

She nodded. “Jefferson it is.” she replied. 

Her curiosity regarding his numerous questions was still there, still bothering her…It just…How did she go about asking him about all of it? Surely there was no smooth transition into it, no readily available excuse to shift the conversation, at least not without coming right out and calling him out on all of said questions.

It suddenly occurred to her that she’d just been standing there during the duration of her train of thought, a rather vacant look on her face. Smooth, Wynter. She snapped herself out of it and cleared her throat. “Right, so I’ll leave you to the books, yeah? If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to shout.” 

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Target Acquired || xoruzhiye


      He was the ghost story —- an empty carcass of a man made into a machine. He was a machine created solely for the sake of being a tool and nothing more, absolutely nothing less. He knew nothing of such a thing — questioning no part of his motive, only doing what he was told like any good soldier would. Because that is what he was — a soldier, conditioned to believe in the cause, do what needed to be done, and if such a thing was not accomplished — or minute matters got in the way….something terrible would happen, and whatever that was he still couldn’t put his finger on — and it hurt.

Targets came in the form of verbal command — followed through without hesitation, no thought process, a name and a location and a window of opportunity. That was what life was to him —- at least in the sense that he was working for the good of everyone. Chaos needed to reign in control - without it there would be instability. The world needed people just like him in order to go on. After all, so willing to do the deeds of muck and myer he was, life was….expendable when placed in the right hands at least — and in this moment those hands came in the form of one flesh and bone — and another specified metal grasping at the air from the lungs. 

    This new target was nothing new —- nothing special to his cause,and their name certainly didn’t catch any attention of himself at least though those that were in control….they seemed to take note of it without issue and whatever it was that this…Wynter had, it was worthy enough of being removed — wiped out with a bullet between the eyes, and the only man to do so was The Winter Soldier….and he did happen to take note of the irony.

   He had found her in New Orleans — a filthy little town muddled in music and barrage of other sounds. It was enough to make him sick to his stomach, though that was only going to make him lose sight of the job at hand — and that was to take out the threat to his superiors — nothing more. It was going to be something simple —- quick and easy to the point where he could carry on to the next mission ———
                              ——-Because that is all that this was…. a mission
             And they had her location — making way their as the Russians worked so readily to take her out — surrounding the area, and the Winter Solider sat in wait, just as he always did while the rest hoarded a barrage of  bullets for the target.

Truth be told, she wasn’t really paying attention to her surroundings. She often didn’t actually, as she’d been living there for so long that it was all just hardwired into her mind. Nothing ever really changed in this City, despite whatever hardships or storms it had to deal with, everything was pretty much the same day after day.

It was for that reason that she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Well, there was something bothering her, a weak feeling in her gut that was either due to something she’d eaten that morning or something was wrong…Hard to decide which as several day-old pizza with extra hot sauce wasn’t exactly the breakfast of champions. Still, she wasn’t aware she was being watched, being hunted…Hell, she wasn’t even aware of the car speeding towards her as she crossed the intersection until it’d nearly hit her.

Tires squealed as the driver slammed on his breaks, the horn blaring as he screamed obscenities at her. She retorted with a few choice words of her own and proceeded to slam her fist into the hood of his car. Not the wisest choice, she’d admit, but it did get her anger with him across. Idiot, she’d had the right of way! He’d nearly ran a red bloody light and he had the cheek to cuss her out? No sir, she wasn’t going to stand for that. 

Her suddenly sour disposition only served to destroy her attention further, as she totally missed the motorcycle. The machine slammed into her as she rounded the car, the young woman flying backwards and into the lanes of oncoming traffic. 

The signal given and the girl disoriented, the ghost was free to go about his mission.

Wynter groaned softly as she attempted to unsuccessfully pull herself off of the pavement, car horns blaring, people yelling…Everything was muffled, not to mention blurry. Limbs ached and flesh stung, her legs and arms pretty scraped up after her little flying lesson. She needed to regain her bearings, phone the police, report what had just happened…of course, she first needed her limbs to work with her and her ears to stop ringing…

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Of Angels and Demons: an AU || Princexoftheunderworld


Jake let out a soft laugh at her question. "NOLA is the abbreviation for New Orleans. Don’t ask me why, someone else decided to name it that." People and their strange customs. He’d been around for over two thousand years and was no closer to understanding them than he’d been as a child. Living as one or near them always proved interesting though. "Where are you from if I may ask?"

The angel turned her head, hiding the embarrassed hue she’d flushed. Stupid, she should have known that! Stupid, stupid! A minor wave of panic rolled through the girl as he asked about where she came from, her form going rigid. “O-Oh, um….far from here.” she muttered. “Quite certain you’ve never been there.”

[Text- Murphy Sent: 12:34 pm] Hey, I have a question. [Text- Murphy Sent: 12:34 pm] What are the chances of getting a lesson in firearms? [Text- Murphy Sent: 12:35] I know it's a weird request, but I can pay.



[text to: Wynter] When you said you wanted to hunt down Nessie, I didn’t think you meant it like that.

"Honestly, once t’e momen’ presented itself, ye jus’ sort o’ go. T’ere’s no’ much else bu’ t’at an’ all t’e focus is righ’ t’ere." He gave her a small shrug, and a glance in her direction. It was a minor miracle, really, that they had been so successful in the stunts that they pulled. The Lord was truly watching over them.

Hopefully she wouldn’t find herself in such a moment. Sure, one day she would likely find herself in the situation that would call for her to use what he was going to teach her, but that wasn’t going to stop her from praying that it was in the distant future or that it wouldn’t happen. 

Wynter headed to her car, unlocking the doors of the black Ford Mustang with a double press of the wee button on the key fob. She should probably change up what she’d been listening to earlier, figuring that the man wouldn’t want to listen to Swedish power metal during their drive. “Music preference?” she asked, scrolling through her mp3 player.

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"Good question," Ned pondered. "What would you suggest?"

The young woman shrugged. “I’ve never been here before and the only restaurant I remember passing here was a McDonald’s. So perhaps the best course of action is to head about fifteen minutes elsewhere and find somewhere near the convention center.” she mused, able to recall several eateries near her previous destination.  

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Now, civility and decent behaviour were not beyond the instinctive savagery of a discharged soldier; he was human—well. Almost. But that was by the by, and war-calloused hands were attuned to the curve of his wife's hips as he drew behind her, nipping along her neck, and pressing himself firmly against her back.



"W-well now, what’s the occasion?" she breathed, eyes closing for a moment or so. Bloody hell, he knew exactly what points to exploit, didn’t he? Ange knew just where to bite, where to touch…Bless him. 

   “Eyup.” He was a daring one, that Rippner boy; and he made no hesitations in directing one of those lithe hands to slip downwards, and into her pants with little conviction. Still he grazed his teeth along her neck, attesting with soft kisses and bites, and a quiet groan. “I kinda need ya’, Wyn.”

"O-Oh bloody hell." she breathed, back arching as his hand slipped beneath fabric. "O-only just kind of?" she teased, trying desperately to keep herself upright, despite her shaking knees and weakened legs.

"W-we should do this later. F-Fleur and Cole will be here soon with Franklin." she murmured, pulling away slightly.

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  • "Don’t lie to me."
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  • "I trusted you!"
  • "I loved you once."
  • "This is your fault!"
  • "Tell me they’re lying."
  • "Please, don’t do this!"
  • "I don’t believe you."
  • "What have you done!?"
  • "You’re never going to change."
  • "I can’t even look at you right now."
  • "Tell me the truth!"
  • "Why won’t you look at me?"
  • "Stay away from me!"
  • "… I hate you."

Are you sure we’re in the same class? || college au!


“Wynter,” he murmured back, smiling at her.  “I like when you sound all broken and hesitant on my name.  What other ways can I make you sound like that?”

“Awww.  You’re my little history nerd.  I approve.”  He kissed her cheek.

"I-It’d be cheating if I told you right off the bat." she hushed, not daring to give him further ammunition to use against her. He was already doing a splendid job at flustering her, she didn’t need to give him anything else to use to his advantage.

"And what about you?" she asked.

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